Zebra Instruments Masthead

Most of OHIO: (Toledo Area at bottom of page)

CKA Sales, Inc.

Zebra Instruments manufacturer's reps for Ohio are (Except Toledo Area):

CKA Sales, Inc.
Voice: 800.CKA.SALES
Fax: 800.252.7253
P.O. Box 30540
Columbus, OH 43230

Steve Graves Jeff Clark
Steve Graves Jeff Clark
Ohio, except Toledo Area

Ohio, except Toledo Area

Cell: 614.619.6148 Voice: 330.644.5697
Voice: 614.863.4741 Cell: 330.388.2368
Fax: 614.863.4741 Fax: 330.644.5697
E-mail: steve.graves@ckasales.com E-mail: jtclark322@neo.rr.com

Toledo Area: (Rest of Ohio at top of page)

Zebra Instruments has not yet contracted with a rep for this area.

If you are a manufacturer's representative and you have an interest in promoting the Zebra Instrument's Product line in this area please contact:
Bob Leake, National Sales
Zebra Instruments
Voice: 512.869.7000 CDT
Toll Free: 1.888.HI.ZEBRA
Fax: 512.864.1725
4500 Williams Drive, Suites 212-422, Georgetown, TX 78633
email: Bob@ZebraInstruments.com


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